The Boat Club was originally founded in 1979, but has gone from strength to strength, with 2005 being our most successful year to date, competing not only in Ireland but at Henley, an internationally renowned rowing tournament. Over the course of the years, we have been aided by Wolfson, St Edmunds and the Cambridge City Boat Club with equipment and support. In 2002, we joined with Hughes Hall and as such, have a combined women’s team. This connection is mutually beneficial for both Lucy and Hughes as we share not only rowers but equipment, such as boats and ergs, and resources, like coaches and coxes.

Over the course of a few years, Lucy has really begun to make its mark upon the river, and here is a summary of some of the highlights:

2002 -3 Purchasing of Lady Charlotte (the current novice boat)
2004-5 Mays Blades
2005-6 Reached finals of Clare Novices (Michaelmas) and Pembroke Regatta (Lent)Both First and Second Boats competed in Lents
Competed in Galway Tribesman Head (5km)
Mays Blades
Participated in Henley Regattta
2006-7 Mays Blades
2007-8 Mays Blades
2008-9 Broke into the Second Division for Lents; May Blades
2009-10 Entered two teams into Women’s Head of the River (6.8km race of the Thames) – Boat A came 144 and Boat B came 272 out of 284
2010-11 Entered the Head of the River again to come 227 out of 289
Catherine Blake and Marta Costa awarded a Half Blue in Rowing
2011-12 Lent Blades
2012-13 ‘Speedwell’ was donated by Dame Veronica Sutherland, becoming the W1 boat.
2013-4 Fastest Women’s Novice at Queen’s Ergs (Francesca O’Hanlon)
Lents and Mays Blades
Won the Pegasus Cup, awarded to the most successful Club in Mays.