If you were a member of the Lucy Cavendish Boat Club and would like to find out more about our events for Alumnae, please provide us with your contact details so that we can update you with news and events happening throughout the year.

From Alumni racing boats to Bumps Picnics, we’d really love for you to come and join us in all types of rowing fun!


Dame Veronica, previous President of Lucy and a major donor to the Boat Club, at seat 5 on a sunny Sunday afternoon outing.

On Saturday 6th December, Dame Veronica, along with two of last year’s alumni, Jessie Ingle and Prue Hay, returned for an outing in Speedwell, along with 5 other senior rowers. Whilst it was not as hot as a Sunday in May, the sun well and truly shone. It was a lovely afternoon and hopefully is the beginning of more Alumni outings yet to come.

Jessie Ingle at 7, Dame Veronica at 5, Prue Hay at 3